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Rumours ‘saddest ever’ Grand Designs house ‘bought by Hollywood A-lister for £8m’

It’s the house that everyone is talking about and according to villagers in the North Devon seaside hotspot of Croyde Bay, the sale of Grand Designs’ ‘saddest ever’ house is only going in one direction.

And that’s because village gossip is rife that popstar Harry Styles has snapped up the notorious property for a cool £8 million.

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The One Direction star was spotted ‘going for a dip’ in Cornwall earlier this year by staff and students at Penwith College in Penzance.

Rumours 'saddest ever' Grand Designs house 'bought by

Following his visit to the South West coast, Styles was reportedly willing to spend big bucks to get himself a home in the region – after falling in love with the ‘rugged’ landscape and the vast nature.

So it’s little wonder that Chesil Cliff House, with its stunning panoramic sea views, is rumoured to have caught Harry’s eye, despite its notoriety.

One local told the Daily Star: “It’s the talk of the village. Harry Styles has apparently bought the house for £8 million. I don’t know whether it’s just Chinese Whispers but that’s what everyone is saying.”

Another local told us: “I’d heard that Harry Styles had bought the house. I don’t know whether it’s true but if it is then Harry’s welcome here.”

Edward Short, who is selling his home for £10 million, has told of the impact the doomed build has had on his family as he called it a “stain of failure”.

Rumours 'saddest ever' Grand Designs house 'bought by

Since appearing on Channel 4’s Grand Designs with his ambitious project in October 2019, Edward, 52, has been through the wringer with Covid, contactors and financial stress placing the project at a bitter stalemate.

The extraordinary house is designed in the style of a lighthouse and has been sitting empty and imposing on the cliffs of Croyde, for years due to development hell.

The burden the white elephant of a house placed on Edward’s personal life was also heavy as the exhausting process led him to separate from his wife Hazel.

Edward is hoping that the sale of the sprawling cliffside mansion will help clear his whopping £7 millions worth of debt accrued from building the cursed mansion.

But One Direction fans had better not rush down to North Devon to catch a glimpse of their idol just yet.


Rumours 'saddest ever' Grand Designs house 'bought by

Estate Agents Knight Frank have told the Daily Star that rumours of Harry purchasing the home are just that.

A spokesman told the Daily Star: “There is no truth in the rumours that Harry Styles has purchased Chesil Cliff House. The house is still on the market.”

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And another local property agent told the Daily Star: “Everybody has heard the Harry Styles rumour. I don’t think there’s any truth in it whatsoever. It’s just a local North Devon rumour – wishful thinking.

“I think what has happened is he was spotted in the area and someone put two and two together and came up with five. I think it’s a great rumour.


Rumours 'saddest ever' Grand Designs house 'bought by

“I think most people down here don’t believe it. Even if it was true, they just can’t imagine…they can’t get their head around the fact that this [the house] is here, let alone Harry buying it.

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