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Gemma Atkinson rushed to hospital for emergency as Strictly star shares swollen face

Gemma Atkinson, 37, has been keeping her fans updated over the weekend on how she is feeling after having an emergency operation to remove one of her wisdom teeth. The Hollyoaks star took to Instagram, to share an update on her swollen face with a picture, as well as a lengthy statement explaining the process to her followers.
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Gemma shared on Instagram last night an updated picture to her 1.8 million followers and unveiled her swollen face.

She captioned the snap: “Have to laugh. It’s actually gone down loads from this! This was about 5hrs before I caved and rang the out of hours.”

Gemma also took to Instagram to share a lengthy update to her followers regarding the operation and the recovery process.
Hatoon International newspaper -Gemma Atkinson rushed

It began: “Wisdom tooth update. (For those that have asked) I thought I was coping ok with pain. It was uncomfortable but I was soldiering on.

“Then out of nowhere, it got extremely severe. Pain down my arm, neck, around eye socket & my whole mouth. I managed to get an out of hrs emergency app. (sic)

“It was a lovely dentist called Dr Fraz based in Manchester. He was great & informed me it was, unfortunately ‘drug socket’ and also an infection.

“Half of me was relieved as I’m usually ok at pain management, I crack on but THIS was something else & I knew I wasn’t just being dramatic.

“Two lots of antibiotics, regular pain relief, salt water swills and rest for the next two days.

“Oh and a soft food diet & no training. I’m cling filming Gorka’s b’day cake from today (because I picked the one for him that I wanted obvs) and I’m determined to have some before next weekend!

“Thanks for all your lovely messages, feel a proper s**t house moaning about a tooth extraction but it’s nice to know (in a weird way) a lot of you have suffered too.

“My dentist, the wonderful @dr.ansar has been checking in all over the weekend. Bless him so thank you to you as well.”

Gemma also shared a video of herself and her daughter Mia as they massaged cream into her swollen face.
Hatoon International newspaper -Gemma Atkinson rushed

She captioned the video: “My doctor. Gorka says I’ve got my ‘pregnant face’ back as I’ve no jawline, just a full moon.”

Gemma addressed her operation while also going into detail about the procedure.

The Strictly Come Dancing star explained: “Every tooth is different but mine was about 20 minutes coming out, it was a big tooth.

“Mine was like the iceberg on the Titanic so he had to cut the gum back first.

“I’ve had pain with it on and off for a long time so I decided a week of swelling and pain was better than more months of it in the long run.”

Gemma also joked about an upcoming photoshoot she had coming up with InTheStyle and how she would complete it with a swollen face.

She quipped: “What’s funny is I currently look like I’ve been whacked in the face and I’m shooting my Autumn drop for In The Style on Tuesday. May have to change it to a boxing range.”

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