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The Invaders Clip Details MLK’s Connection To Black Power Group

Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive clip from the historical documentary The Invaders which follows the Memphis-based Black Power group of the late 1960s. The documentary chronicles the group’s creation to its last negotiation with famed activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which took place only minutes before his assassination. The Invaders explores the history of this Black Power group, race, economic injustice, and government surveillance.

The Invaders have historically been portrayed as violent and anarchist, but the documentary brings the true history of the group to light. The Invaders were inspired by powerful Black activists like Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, but in the late 1960s, they caught the attention of another leader in the civil rights movement, Dr. King. In 1968, Dr. King visited Memphis to support a sanitation workers’ strike and met with The Invaders. The documentary reveals what he spoke with them about shortly before his assassination.

Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from The Invaders features interviews with John B. Smith and Juanita Thornton. Smith was a key member of The Invaders as its co-founder, and in the clip, he recalls details from his meeting with Dr. King. He and Thornton explain that Dr. King’s goal was to communicate with and understand The Invaders and other Black Power groups. This was an opportunity for Dr. King to foster relationships with the Black Power organizations in every major city potentially recruiting them for a pivotal role in the civil rights movement. Smith remembers not only meeting with Dr. King, but the moment he learned of his assassination.

The Invaders have long been misremembered and blamed for the violence proceeding the assassination. However, this film reveals the truth of who they were, their goals, and the pivotal meeting they had with Dr. King. In reality, The Invaders were a grassroots movement that included college students and war veterans. Their activity quickly caught the attention of not only civil rights activists, but the FBI. The documentary is unique in that it finally tells the full story from their perspective.

The Invaders is directed by Prichard Smith. Nas, Yo Gotti, Craig Brewer, Peter Bittenbender, and Sacha Jenkins all produced the film. The documentary includes interviews with several members of The Invaders including not only John B. Smith, but Coby Smith, Charles Cabbage, and John Gary Williams as well.

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