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David Duchovny Recalls Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs Rejection

David Duchovny recalls Quentin Tarantino rejecting his Reservoir Dogs audition. Reservoir Dogs helped launch Tarantino’s career when it was released in 1992, acting as his feature film directorial debut. The film follows a group of criminals who attempt to hide in a warehouse after a jewelry heist goes wrong. The cast includes Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, and Tarantino.

While promoting You People alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Collider, Duchovny recounted his audition for Reservoir Dogs. Louis-Dreyfus jokingly asked if he had gotten the part, which he played along with before detailing how Tarantino rejected him. According to the actor, he lost out on the role, but not because he did a lousy job, which led to what he calls “the best rejection I ever got in my life.” Check out Duchovny’s comments on his Reservoir Dogs rejection below:

Reservoir Dogs acted as a calling card for Tarantino, displaying his skills in writing dialogue, crafting characters, music choices, and even violence. These are all things that have continued through his career, with movies like Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, and Inglorious Basterds all highlighting his expertise. Still, his first film has stood the test of time, still being loved by his fans and continuing to find new audiences.

Reservoir Dogs thrives on simplicity, as the story is often revealed more through dialogue and arguments than action. While the actors give stellar performances, breathing life into Tarantino’s meticulously crafted script, the movie is light on action yet still ramps up the tension. Mr. Orange’s gunshot wound, which continues to bleed throughout, the reveal that he’s an undercover cop, and even Mr. Blonde’s torture scene makes the film feel visceral and intense, all while confined to minimal locations. Scenes from later in Tarantino’s career, like the opening of Inglorious Basterds, would continue to display how good he is with small actions and dialogue-based tension, all of which Reservoir Dogs shows.

Furthermore, Tarantino continues to make movies in his unique style, setting himself apart from most other filmmakers. So with each new release, he continues to garner new fans who look back into his older films, with Reservoir Dogs often being discovered as a fantastic showcase of skill from humble beginnings. So even with Reservoir Dogs being over 30 years old, thanks to Tarantino’s continued track record of success, it continues to live on with audiences.

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