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Dave Bautista REALLY Wants To Be In Netflix’s Gears Of War Movie

Knock at the Cabin star Dave Bautista has restated his hopes of being in Netflix’s upcoming Gears of War video game movie adaptation. Bautista, a former professional wrestler with the WWF and WWE, has become a star actor in the years since he made the transition away from the ring. He’s been a prolific actor since the early 2010s, appearing in mostly comedic or action roles before recently spreading his acting wings and being given more depth in his roles. He’s best known for portraying Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

In an interview with Variety, Bautista made it known again that he really wants to be in Netflix’s Gears of War movie. The former wrestler has lobbied for a role in the movie for multiple years now, dating back to before the Netflix project was even announced. Bautista’s Gears of War love led to him passing up a role in the Fast & Furious franchise so that he could pitch a movie adaptation of the game to Warner Bros., but the studio had no interest in it. As for Netflix’s adaptation, Bautista says he could bring a lot of heart to legendary war hero Marcus Fenix. Check out Bautista’s comments on the Gears of Wars movie below.

“I really hope they will. It’s a part that I’ve sought after for years and I feel like I could bring a lot of heart to Marcus Fenix. I really would. I think I would do that part justice. I feel confident in it, so hopefully it’ll come my way and we’ll be having this conversation in a different way sometime.”

The Gears of War video game series has been one of Microsoft’s exclusive tent pole properties since the late 2000s. First introduced in 2006, Gears of War has five mainline games and three spinoff games. The games primarily follow Marcus Fenix, a soldier and former war hero in the Coalition of Ordered Governments. He and his team have battles in large action set pieces on the Planet Sera against hordes of reptilian invaders called the Locust Horde. Netflix announced plans for a Gears of War movie and adult animated series.

It’s not a surprise that Netflix is the studio getting Gears of War off the ground. In 2013, Scott Stubler acquired the rights to make a movie based on the property for Universal. Unfortunately, the film never got out of pre-production due to creative differences and a litany of other obstacles that the studio and creators needed to overcome. Stubler didn’t get it done the first time, but now it looks like he will. Stubler is now the Vice Chairman of Film and Television at Netflix, and he should have a good level of involvement in the project.

In a perfect world, Bautista would be an outstanding choice for Marcus. Of course, he looks the part, as he shares a strikingly similar look to that of the character. Bautista has also proven that he is a very capable actor who can handle a range of emotions with nuance and humor. Terry Crews has also spoken out about wanting to be in the film, and the idea of Bautista and Crews starring in Gears of War sounds like a great one.

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