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Kiefer Sutherland Shares Touching Reason The Lost Boys Is A Career Favorite

When looking back on his career, Kiefer Sutherland addresses why Joel Schumacher’s vampire film The Lost Boys is a career favorite of his due to a touching reason. The 1987 supernatural black comedy horror centered on two brothers and their mother as they moved in with their eccentric grandfather in the coastal town of Santa Monica before soon finding themselves entangled in the lives of a group of young vampires. Sutherland portrayed David Powers, the leader of the vampire biker gang that older brother Michael Emerson (Jason Patric) is drawn into upon arriving in the town.

When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sutherland was asked why The Lost Boys stood out amongst his other various roles, to which the actor explained how audiences’ responses had helped further endear the role to him. While David was one of Sutherland’s earliest roles and the film’s success took him by surprise, the actor explained that being approached by fans who had been introduced to The Lost Boys through parents and grand-parents enabled him to see its lasting impact, leaving him glad that he took part in the film’s production. Check out Sutherland’s full response below:

The Lost Boys was a critical and financial success upon its release, earning a domestic gross of almost four times its $8.5 million budget and winning praise for its stylish and fun approach to the concept of vampires. As such, the film has a continued impact on pop culture, with later vampire features, including Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows, seeing Jonathan Brugh’s vampire Deacon directly referencing the film. The Lost Boys has also received nods outside of the horror genre, as the 2021 LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales Disney+ special featured a segment inspired by the film.

Despite inspiring others with their own takes on vampire mythology or in their own tributes, The Lost Boys has faced many obstacles when attempting to continue the franchise further. While Schumacher’s attempted to develop sequels throughout the 90s, The Lost Boys would receive direct-to-DVD sequels in the form of 2008’s Lost Boys: The Tribes and 2010’s Lost Boys: The Thirst, though each film would be received poorly. Though continuing the series proved unsuccessful, a modern reboot was confirmed to be in the works in 2021, with director Jonathan Entwistle and writer Randy McKinnon set to develop the project.

While the vampire concept continued to be explored and developed through subsequent features, The Lost Boys has an unshakable place within the subgenre. Sutherland’s performance as the vampire David allowed audiences to envision how the bloodsucking creatures could fit into the shadows of the then-modern world while striking a balance between terrifying and cool. And as new generations watch the film for the first time, it is heartwarming to hear how audiences have helped endear the feature to the actor, even after many years have passed.

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