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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Prey 2 Cameo Likelihood Addressed By Director

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg has opened up about the possibility of original Predator star Arnold Schwarzenegger making a cameo appearance in a sequel. Schwarzenegger portrayed the character Dutch in the original film, as he and his military rescue team are pursued by a Predator in South America. His leading role in the film helped to make it a classic sci-fi action movie, spawning a franchise that has continued into the present day.

Speaking with Variety, Trachtenberg addressed the possibility of having Schwarzenegger reprise his role for a cameo appearance in Prey 2. While a sequel to Trachtenberg’s Predator prequel hasn’t been confirmed yet, he thinks having Schwarzenegger return in a future installment in the franchise is on the table. Check out what Trachtenberg had to say below:


If a sequel to Prey happened, it would most likely take place in the same time period as the original movie. Since the film’s main character, Naru (Amber Midthunder) and Schwarzenegger’s Dutch are separated by hundreds of years in the timeline, it would be impossible for the pair to unite onscreen. However, that couldn’t stop Dutch from appearing in a short flash-forward that gives additional context to the film. There is also the possibility of him returning to the franchise in an all-new role.

The next Predator film could also follow an entirely different story from Prey, instead seeing Dutch take on the Predators again in the modern day. However, since Schwarzenegger wasn’t in Predator 2 or any other sequels, it’s unclear if he would come back to the franchise in film form. The actor did voice Dutch in the video game Predator: Hunting Grounds, though, which is a good sign Schwarzenegger might be open to return as Dutch onscreen.

While there’s no telling where the Predator franchise will go next, seeing Schwarzenegger return for even a small cameo could tie the franchise’s many different films together. His reappearance could also help usher the franchise into a new era as Prey did. However, only time will tell whether Schwarzenegger returns to the franchise and how significant his role would be.

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