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Euphoria Star Scored Big Movie Role Even Though Director Hasn’t Seen The HBO Hit

Jacob Elordi landed a major role in Saltburn even though director Emerald Fennell has never seen an episode of his breakout HBO show, Euphoria. Although he is best known for playing the character Nate Jacobs as part of the main cast of the high school drama, Elordi will grace the big screen opposite Eternals’ Barry Keoghan in Saltburn. The movie follows an Oxford student named Oliver Quick (Keoghan) who is dragged into a sensual world of intrigue and opulence when he visits the palatial estate of his irresistible classmate Felix (Elordi).

Emerald Fennell (who is an Oscar winner for the screenplay of her directorial debut Promising Young Woman in addition to being a part of the Barbie cast) recently spoke with Vanity Fair ahead of the Saltburn release date on November 24. During their conversation, it came to light that she hasn’t seen a single episode of Euphoria. However, she chose Elordi for a major role in her movie because he delivered “this unbelievably potent, relaxed, real performance of a person that could so easily not be real.” Read her full quote below:

Before joining the Euphoria cast, Elordi already proved his mettle in an entirely different type of teen role in the 2018 Netflix rom-com, The Kissing Booth. He would go on to reprise his role as Noah Flynn in both sequels to the hit young adult novel adaptation. However, the smash hit success of his HBO role, which he will be reprising in the upcoming Euphoria season 3, helped launch his career into the stratosphere.


By the looks of things, while he won’t be leaving the world of television and streaming entirely, Elordi is looking to make a mark on the big screen. In addition to his role in Saltburn, he will soon be appearing in another major movie from a celebrated director. This would be Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla, which sees him playing Elvis Presley opposite Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla Presley.

The Euphoria star also has several other major projects lined up after Saltburn and Priscilla (which is set to premiere in limited theaters on October 27). This includes two adaptations of well-regarded novels, namely the television show The Narrow Road to the Deep North and the movie On Swift Horses. With these projects, Elordi could prove he has the ability to lead multiple mediums with a wide variety of roles, launching himself into even more interesting and prominent roles in the future.

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