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How Frenchie’s Nun 2 Ending Ties Into The Original Conjuring Explained by Director

According to The Nun II director Michael Chaves, one of the movie’s final Frenchie scenes intentionally weaves in The Conjuring’s timeline. Released in 2018, the original Nun acts as a prequel to The Conjuring and sees Father Burke (Demián Bichir), Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), and Romanian local Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet) investigate a demonic presence in an abbey. By the movie’s conclusion, Frenchie (who reveals his name as Maurice) is unknowingly possessed by the demon Valak. The sequel sees Sister Irene discover Valak’s possession of Frenchie and supposedly free him from the demonic force.

Speaking with Collider, Chaves was asked to clarify the ambiguous timeline that connects The Nun II and The Conjuring. Chaves explained that in The Conjuring, viewers see an exorcism performed on Frenchie, so the audience can assume “he’s saved at the end of this movie.” However, viewers also understand that “it’s a failed exorcism that leads to him taking his life.” Whether Valak has returned to Frenchie’s body by the end of Nun II, Chaves cites that as “open to interpretation.” Yet, Chaves does point out a look shared between Irene and Frenchie at the end of the movie that could suggest a spirit is already lingering within him. See Chaves’ full statement below:


Viewers who remained seated after the initial credits may have noticed additional nods to The Conjuring after The Nun II’s conclusion. Reprising their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga again appeared as paranormal investigators living in Connecticut. While the Nun II post-credits scene lasts just a minute, viewers see Ed Warren receive a call from Father Gordon.

In The Conjuring, Father Gordon is the priest Lorraine and Ed take their evidence to so that he can conduct an exorcism on the victims of a demonic force (accused witch Bathsheba, in this case). Referencing characters from The Conjuring in this manner highlights the interconnected nature of the franchise and suggests that additional links could be uncovered in movies to come.

Given the post-credit scene, it is heavily speculated that The Conjuring: The Last Rite could be deeply connected to the ending of The Nun II. Although story details for the fourth installment are still not definitive, Valak has a recurring presence in both The Nun and The Conjuring timelines through Sister Irene and Lorraine. So, while this connection would only amplify theories leading up to Conjuring 4, it appears that The Nun II has likely teased the narrative with Frenchie being a key part of it.

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