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The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Finally Gets The Posters It Deserves

New fan-made Star Wars sequel trilogy posters celebrate the sequel trilogy as it deserves. The Star Wars sequel trilogy wrapped up in 2019, and it’s still the subject of intense debate in the fandom. Some criticism has focused in on the posters themselves, which lacked the iconography and imagery of the classics.

The artist Ethan Pro has revealed redesigned posters for the three Star Wars sequel movies, and they’re absolutely stunning.

These Star Wars posters have a black border, and an “explosion” of characters and imagery from their centers. They recall Drew Struzan’s work on posters for the prequels and the Special Editions. The biggest difference between these and Struzan’s typical designs, though, is that they are made to operate as a whole, rather than as individual pieces. Their beautiful hand-drawn and painted nature makes them feel like a part of the rest of the saga as a whole, too.

These gorgeous posters harken back to a distinct Star Wars look that permeated not just the Lucas-era movies, but the novels and comics of the Expanded Universe as well. They are authentically hand-drawn, as opposed to the photorealistic posters the sequels actually received, meaning you can see the brushstrokes and penciled lines in the art. They feel more authentic, and more fantastical than the very modern posters fans saw at the movie theater.

Ethan Pro’s art also makes Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s posters parallel one another, while Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s is symmetrical, creating a beautiful effect. It’s thrilling to see these Star Wars movies get the posters they deserve. Hopefully future Lucasfilm posters will follow this lead.

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