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Sound Of Freedom’s Digital Release Date Confirmed After $212 M Box Office Success

Sound of Freedom reveals its multi-tier release strategy. The 2023 crime drama is based on the true story of a former government agent who goes into vigilante mode when he sets on a perilous mission to save hundreds of children from sex trafficking. Despite receiving abysmal critical reviews, Sound of Freedom fared relatively well at the box office, amplified by its controversial nature.

As per Variety, Sound of Freedom will soon be available for viewers to watch at home. The controversial action thriller will have a multistep release plan that involves limited-time screenings via the Angel Studios app starting on October 13. The movie will be available for digital purchase on November 3 and Blu-ray and DVD on November 14. Finally, Sound of Freedom’s streaming release will culminate in digital rentals available on December 15.
The thriller’s estimated $14.6 million budget ended up having massive returns. Sound of Freedom grossed $183 million at the domestic box office and totaled $216 million worldwide. Released in early July, the biographical thriller was a fierce competitor during the early summer box office. It even passed a major box office milestone for an indie movie, becoming the first independently produced project post-pandemic to surpass the $100 million mark at the domestic box office.


This unexpected success might suggest an equally successful view-at-home run. Sound of Freedom’s recent controversies, however, may pose a problem to the action movie’s lasting success. About a month after the movie’s release, one of its main investors was arrested for child kidnapping. Given Sound of Freedom’s aim to prevent child trafficking, this was a particularly ironic turn for the movie and could sour the interest of audiences who may have otherwise caught it on its digital release. Furthermore, Ballard’s biographical story has been questioned for its accuracy and embellished details.

However, Sound of Freedom’s controversies will not stop it from being successful. Star Jim Caviezel, for example, has long endorsed the rhetoric of QAnon conspirators and, throughout its publicity campaign, pandered to religious right groups by equating supporting the movie to taking a stance against child trafficking. Whether they can overcome further background controversies remains to be seen, but given Sound of Freedom’s history, becoming a streaming hit is well within the realm of possibility.

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