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Chuck Norris Returning To Action Movies For The First Time In 12 Years After Expendables 2

Expendables 2 star Chuck Norris returns to the action genre for the first time in 12 years in the upcoming Agent Recon. He originally gained fame as a stunt performer working with the likes of Bruce Lee, then became an action movie legend in his own right, thanks to a run of films including Lone Wolf McQuade, The Octagon, Missing in Action and many more. Later, Norris became a massive TV star thanks to his long-running, hugely-successful series Walker, Texas Ranger, then a legend of memes thanks to the internet’s obsession with jokes built around his famous tough guy image.

Now 12 years after joining Sylvester Stallone and the gang in the first Expendables sequel, his last go-around in the genre, Norris is returning to action movies for the upcoming film Agent Recon, which recently completed shooting and is now hitting the market. As reported by Deadline, the film teams Norris with Marc Singer and Derek Ting (who also directed), in a military/sci-fi action outing planned for North American release in 2024. Norris’ own son Dakota also joined the production to choreograph all his 83-year-old father’s fights. The movie’s synopsis reads as follows:


Rambo star Stallone and his chief rival Arnold Schwarzenegger were almost unarguably the two biggest action stars of the 1980s. An argument can be had however about who belongs in third place behind those two, and Norris must be considered one of the main challengers. The Delta Force star never appeared in huge blockbusters, but he did enjoy a successful run in smaller-budget action movies, many made for the legendary company Cannon Films. Norris was also a legitimate martial arts expert, giving him a trump card in his battle with other action stars of the era.

Norris’ action output was indeed at one point quite violent and R-rated, but later his image was softened with family-friendly movies like Sidekicks, and still later with the hugely popular TV series Walker, Texas Ranger. Norris’ reputation as a tough guy indeed rests today as much on his TV show as on his somewhat forgotten ‘80s films. Norris’ pre-Walker output is a treasure trove for fans of B-movie action however, thanks to strong genre examples like The Octagon, Silent Rage, Lone Wolf McQuade and Missing in Action. Now with Agent Recon it seems Norris has the itch to get back in front of cameras, with his first action film in 12 years.

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