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Temporary People Teach You Permanent Lessons

A little bird told me that he’s not being genuine with you. He never was and he never will so stop taking his feelings into consideration and getting your hopes up every single time when it comes to him because believe me when I say that you will watch them fall every damn time, yes, your hopes.

Drastic times call for drastic measures and my drastic measure is taking the time to write about someone who completely forgot about my existence. Hold your horses now, don’t you dare pity me because I am most certainly not crying over spilled milk.

Thank you for inspiring me to write this short story that came from the bottom of my heart, metaphorically speaking of course. I’m about to Channel my inner wannabe biochemist so here it goes; When lysine 4 on histone 3 at the oxytocin receptor gene is chemically modified that’s when you know you’re in love and that takes a long time to get processed. Therefore, I do not and I repeat do not believe in love at first sight because last time I checked, you approximately need a year or so to be 100% sure that you’re in love with your significant other due to the chemical reaction that’s between lysine 4 and histone 3 and these two are very important when it comes to love because they’re the ones that are responsible for creating love. In other words, love is a game that gets determined by the sequence of RNA molecules.

According to my calculations, people should be 100% positive that they love their significant other before saying the L word for the first time.

Has a certain number ever ended a relationship of yours? Yes, you read that right, a number. No? thought so. What if I told you that 69 ended my very first and only relationship that I ever had? Trust me, it’s not what you think. Keep on reading to find out how the heck 69 ended such a thing.

people need to learn how to defuse.


Not to turn every argument into a fight for supremacy.

I don’t believe it’s a sign of weakness to be the one to give in.

In fact, I think it’s wise.

The only couples I see who last are those where one of the two manages to take a step back, but is really a step ahead.

Rome was not built in one day and so as the relationships that are worth fighting for.

Me being the optimistic person who always thought nothing but the best of him.

Who always looked on the bright side by reminiscing on our short lived beautiful memories. My pleasant memories with this guy that I used to think highly of were unfortunately less than the ferociously horrendous ones.

Actions speak louder than words has always been my motto in life. I’ve always been this stiff person when it came to guys. I’ve never ever been in a relationship because I used to view relationships as nothing but a waste of time and I’ve always tried avoiding all sorts of downfalls and disappointments by taking precautions and my “precautions” were to shut down every guy who tried to make a move even though I might be wrong but this technique of mine has always worked for me. Relationships were all Greek to me and I’ve had my guards up for as far as I can remember but with this specific guy I just let loose and forgot about my rules that I established for myself. I never really believed in the idiom a picture paints a thousand words but I should’ve given that idiom a test drive because that would’ve stopped me from hurting this much.

It was a learning experience that took a toll on me.

At the end of the day I was nothing but a number to him and to me he was well, more than what I was to him…. Let’s just put it that way.

Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t entirely a bad guy. I saw something in him that ignited my interest and that something was his kind soul.

Ever watched the movie Me, Myself & Irene? Well, Jim Carey played a character who suffered from Dissociative identity disorder (DID). The good guy\side was Charlie and the bad guy\side was Hank.

His evil twin (we shall name the bad side of the guy that I liked as his evil twin) was Hank and the guy that I really liked was Charlie. Charlie was the teddy bear in him. As in, his loving, supportive, thoughtful, funny, noble, reliable, witty, courageous, goofy side of him. The Charlie in him was the man of my dreams… A guy that I could proudly call my man and with that guy I was as high as a kite. That side of him got my motor running and engine going. The Charlie in him was the  Jay-Z to my Beyoncé, the Bonnie to my Clyde, the peanut butter to my jelly, the Chuck Bass to my Blair Waldorf, the Joker to my Harley Quinn, the Albert Einstein to my Mileva Maric, the Ross Geller to my Rachel Green, the Gomez to my Morticia Addams, the Li Shang to my Fa Mulan, the Han Solo to my Leia, the Carl to my Ellie, the Tramp  to my Lady, the Simba to my Nala, the Dominic Toretto to my Letty, the Tarzan to my Jane, the Khal to my Khaleesi I just had to #TeamGOT #TeamDothraki, the Severus Snape to my Lily Potter yes, you read that right, Snape, not Peter. Why? Because “ALWAYS”, the Cory to my Topanga even though I’ve always been a fan of Shawn. I can go on and on with this I mean the list is just too long lol so I’m just going to Cut to the Chase and say that we were like two peas in a pot and his name was the icing on the cake because I’ve always had a thing for his lovely name (hint: his name was my favorite boy name ikr lucky me wohho) then suddenly, the Hank in him decided to burst my bubble. In other words, Elvis has left the building but I guess that side of him was too good to be true… The Hank in him decided to show his true colors and my oh my were they hard on the eyes. The hank in him was this excuse my French, lying, coldblooded, thin-skinned, ruthless, selfish, egomaniac, unbearable, fucking jerk but of course every cloud has a silver lining so I used to cross my fingers hoping that this side of him won’t do him any harm. I had All this stress piled up and I don’t usually wear that shit on my sleeve.

I was nothing but a support system to his ungrateful ass. I used to bend over backwards for the sake of seeing his once warm smile and hearing his adorable laugh once again but I guess I was barking up the wrong tree because every time I tried cheering him up he would instantly shut me down with his cruel words and actions. I was blindfolded and horribly naive. What a complete hooligan indeed I was for putting up with this evil twin who was not worthy of my precious time yet everything happens for a reason.

Never lie to someone that trusts you and never trust someone that lied to you, kapeesh?

Sometimes when you win, you really lose and sometimes when you lose, you really win. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism from which one extracts what one needs. I believe he still thinks “I did him wrong.” I bet he thinks that it was all my fault and I’m the one to blame but little does he know about what really went down.

I’m going to stop beating around the bush so here’s what really went down.

I remember Hitting the sack way too early because it was just one of those days, you know?  It was not one of my best days so I decided to just call it a day. I got up on the wrong side of the bed that day. An awful morning indeed it was and I thought that nothing could make that day any worse. Well, guess what? Sometimes, the worst can get worse. How? Try coming across something that would instantly make you feel like a fool’s gold… Discovering that you’ve been lied to all this time and because you truly do trust that person who utterly lied to you, you then again decide to confront that person about the lie that he fed you with and he plays it cool by covering his old lie with a new one or maybe he was telling the truth this time. I honestly lack the answer to that. I can’t really tell if he was being honest this time because I’m the type of person that would never assume the worst, unlike him. Was he playing coy with me or was he not? I truly don’t give a flying fuck anymore but for a moment there I actually believed him or perhaps it’s because I couldn’t bare the idea of losing him.

Never make anyone a priority. Only make yourself one… Learned that the hard way.

What happened to the number 69?

 Where does that sexual number fall into this story of yours?

Well, I’m not done yet so calm your tits down.


We got into this really ugly fight and as I was about to send him a screenshot of my exam seat number that was seat number 69 yes, seat number mofoking 69 and to make matters worse, I received my seat number over a text during our heated discussion… I laughed without mentioning that 69 was the reason behind my laugh so he thought that I was laughing at him because he was informing me with something that was a bit hard to swallow and he didn’t want to talk anymore so we ended our phone call. For some fucked up reason I then apologized to him on WhatsApp without mentioning fucking 69. I recall blaming my laugh on the fact that I laugh at inappropriate situations. Hint; 69 is very much an extremely inappropriate number. He wasn’t having it so my attempt at an apology turned into a big fat fight that was in fact nothing but a huge misunderstanding.

He was incredibly bad at discussions and he said some harsh things that I think he didn’t mean in the heat of the moment.

As I was about to fucking send him the goddamn 69 screenshot, he decided to block me on WhatsApp and I wasn’t surprised. I swallowed my pride and decided to be the bigger person and just send him a text message, he didn’t respond to it of course then tried multiple times reaching out to him so I can just send him the god damn fucking screenshot with the number that used to crack me up just by looking at it.

Instagram was the only social media app he did not block me on and I can guarantee you it’s because Instagram just slipped out of his mind. Therefore, IG was my only place to prove to him that I would never laugh at him and my intentions were far from what he had in mind so you would think that I DMed him on IG but when I thought about it and realized how easy for him it was to just give up on us over something that’s not considered as a legit deal breaker.

I instantly deleted that screenshot without DMing it to him. He didn’t need to know the real reason. He’s going to keep on assuming the worst of me for some unknown reason. He’s a judgmental douchebag. He’s not even worthy of knowing the reason.

Why didn’t I just tell him that I laughed at my seat number and not at what he was saying to avoid all this mess in the first place… ?

Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve told him the truth if he was the old him not this evil twin who claimed to be the guy that I would’ve turned the impossible into possible for. The old him would’ve laughed just like what I did because we used to laugh at sexual things. Yes, sexualizing things used to make us laugh. The new him would’ve acted like a complete prick and made the situation about him by acting like the victim of such a number. That’s what would’ve went down. For instance, if you look up the word Motherfucker in the dictionary, you’ll see his picture there. That’s how bad the shitty side of him was. 

I’m a huge fan of the lord of the rings trilogy and I’m about to make a LOTR reference, here it goes “You Shall Not Pass” I dedicate this reference to every male that’s out there. I’m going back to my old ways. The old but improved me is back.

Hint: I’m so done with our society’s self-centered, obnoxious, meaningless relationships. Keep in mind that I despise generalizing things but god only knows how much it took me to get my shit together and I genuinely do not want history to repeat itself.

Ohh and thank you, Gandalf aka my favorite LOTR character for one of the coolest movie references ever made aaaand I’m done reporting my friends’s story. Hopefully I did well telling her story to you guys. 

-Nada Alanazi 

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  1. to your friend ” he didn’t deserve u, he was a kid who only looked out for himself. you’re much more than that, and u deserve way better. time will pass and u’ll see things clearly, u will look back at this .laughing

    hope it would be soon though so i can say am proud of u .”

    ps. call me u fuk we need to talk

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