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Devil’s Peak Clip Sees Billy Bob Thornton Teaching His Son A Lesson [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive clip from the new drama, Devil’s Peak. Set in the Appalachian Mountains, this tense thriller from Screen Media follows the son of a domineering and violent drug lord. When he meets the girl of his dreams, he finally finds a reason to try and escape from under his father’s shadow before following in his criminal footsteps. But he won’t escape unscathed and will need to confront his father face-to-face, and the terrifying patriarch will stop at nothing to force loyalty from everyone around him.

Devil’s Peak is based on David Joy’s first novel, Where All Light Tends to Go. The novel was a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. Devil’s Peak hits theaters on February 17 and will be available on demand on February 24.

Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from Devil’s Peak features Billy Bob Thornton and Hopper Pen (who is the son of Robin Wright and Sean Penn). Thornton is the menacing drug lord, while Penn is his son, caught in the snare of his father’s expectations. The father (Thornton) lights up a cigarette and shares a memory of his grandfather being arrested during one of his sermons and dragged through the church full of his congregation. He explains that this caused his grandfather to drink and lose his place in the church.

He also reveals that the sheriff who arrested him was beaten to death and found dead in a ditch. He then explains how he discovered his father was the one who killed the sheriff to avenge his grandfather’s humiliation. Thornton’s character finishes his story with the menacing lesson that they do not choose their way of life, but they better honor it and be loyal to it until the day they die, like his father before them. The intense scene sets up the conflict between father and son as the new generation tries to escape this supposedly predetermined destiny when he finds love.

Devil’s Peak is directed by Ben Young. Devil’s Peak stars Robin Wright, Billy Bob Thornton, Jackie Earle Haley, Katelyn Nacon, Brian d’Arcy James, Emma Booth, and Hopper Penn. Devil’s Peak is distributed by Screen Media.

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