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Mark Ruffalo Reveals More Details Of Hulk’s Infinity War Ending Changes

Mark Ruffalo opens up about changing the details of Hulk’s story in Avengers: Infinity War. Following the events of Thor: Ragnarok, the green rage monster went head-to-head with Thanos at the start of the 2018 Joe and Anthony Russo blockbuster. Since then, Hulk was a no-show throughout the film, leaving Bruce Banner on his own during one of the biggest Avengers fights ever.

Originally, however, the plan was to bring back the Hulk during the final Avengers: Infinity War battle. The scene was scrapped during reshoots after the Russos determined it wasn’t working. During his appearance at Emerald City Comic-Con (via The Direct), Ruffalo shared more details about what happened behind-the-scenes. Read his full quote below:

For context, during Avengers: Infinity War’s final action set piece in Wakanda, Banner was supposed to burst out of the Hulkbuster and fight Cull Obsidian. After the Avenger eventually defeats the Black Order member, he would have encountered Black Widow and Falcon. Natasha would attempt to calm him down, so he can transform back into his human form. All of this was scrapped and Avengers: Infinity War stuck with not bringing back the Hulk for the remainder of the film.

This was understandably confusing since marketing for the film saw the Hulk during Avengers: Infinity War’s hero shot in Wakanda. In hindsight, however, it was for the better. The whole process of Banner transforming in and out of his monster persona would have bogged down the movie’s storytelling pacing. It was also nice to see Banner contribute to the fight without having to rely on the Hulk’s strength. Seeing him dealing with the green rage monster’s tantrum was also an interesting bit.

While the idea about Hulk and Banner fighting was great, Marvel Studios didn’t really get to explore it beyond Avengers: Infinity War. When Avengers: Endgame picked up, Banner was still in his human form, and when Smart Hulk re-emerged, the MCU didn’t properly show how he was able to achieve his binary form. Eventually, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law touched on it, but things would have been better if Marvel Studios actually spent time explaining how it happened.

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