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Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Bubbly & Nihilistic Luma Is Everyone’s Favorite Now

On the heels of The Super Mario Bros. Movie latest trailer, the bubbly and nihilistic Luma is everyone’s favorite now. Chris Pratt stars as the fearless plumber Mario in the highly-anticipated animated video game adaptation. When his brother Luigi (Charlie Day) is taken by Bowser (Jack Black), the ruthless leader of the Koopa race, Mario must partner with notable characters from the iconic video game franchise to take on Bowser’s invading army and protect the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s final trailer depicts a cute star-shaped Luma trapped in a hanging cage alongside a frightened Luigi deep within Bowser’s lair. The cute character betrays its appearance with its promise to Luigi that his only hope for escape, “is the sweet relief of death.” Social media reactions after The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s final trailer show nothing but praise for the nihilistic take on the character. Check out what people are saying below:

The upcoming animated theatrical Super Mario Bros. adaptation attempts to honor the beloved long-running video game franchise while updating its characters for modern audiences. The Luma character in the trailer bears a striking resemblance to Lumalee, an adorable shop owner introduced in Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii system. Although Lumalee served as a way for Mario to obtain Life Mushrooms, the character’s role appears to have been expanded in the new movie.


However, Lumalee is not the only character to see a tweak for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Toad, voiced by Keegan Michael-Key, brings a more energized and in-your-face attitude than his video game counterpart. Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) has also received a significant overhaul. The franchise’s damsel-in-distress has been transformed into Mushroom Kingdom’s capable and fearless ruler. The film’s directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic recently explained that the Mushroom Kingdom’s need for a strong leader informed Princess Peach’s character change.

One of The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s more controversial changes centers around the casting of Pratt in the lead role. Instead of channeling the video game character’s well-known musical timbre, Mario sports the actor’s relatively unchanged voice. Horvath recently came to the casting’s defense, calling Pratt “perfect” for the role. Whether The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s character changes succeed remains to be seen. Audiences can check out the new film for themselves when it lands in theaters April 5.

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