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The Batman 2 Fan Trailer Imagines Joker As The Main Villain In Robert Pattinson’s Sequel

The Batman – Part II fan trailer imagines Barry Keoghan’s Joker as the main villain in Robert Pattinson’s sequel.As James Gunn is building his DC Universe, Matt Reeves is continuing The Batman franchise. After the successful 2022 installment, The Batman – Part II is on its way with Pattinson back as the DC icon. While The Riddler was the main antagonist, Joker also made his debut in the Reeves universe.

While he only had two scenes, Keoghan’s Joker left a major impression on audiences. In Screen Culture’s The Batman – Part II fan trailer, the Clown Prince of Crime becomes the central foe.

The Batman – Part II fan trailer takes some obvious inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The trailer also incorporates some footage of Batman from the Titans season 1 finale.

According to reports, one of the villains in The Batman – Part II is supposedly going to be Clayface. However, Reeves hasn’t made any definitive plans yet for where Keoghan’s Joker will appear next. The bigger question is whether or not Joker should even be the main baddie in the next film. Having Joker factored into The Batman – Part II would make it feel too similar to The Dark Knight.

It’s also worth noting the sequel would be coming out only a year after Joker: Folie à Deux. Joker has been featured more than any other Batman villain, whether it be in live-action or animation. With all the Batman foes that have yet to get the same spotlight, the sequel should save Joker for later. Instead, Joker could be utilized differently in Reeves’ universe, perhaps through an HBO Max spinoff.

Since the Penguin is getting his own show, HBO Max could do a limited-event Joker series focused on his origin. That would be far more intriguing than him being The Batman – Part II’s main antagonist. Hopefully, as The Batman – Part II starts principal photography this year, more details will emerge soon enough.

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