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Hugh Jackman Is Perfecting His Wolverine Run In Deadpool 3 Training Video

a new Deadpool 3 training video shared on social media. When Deadpool 3 releases in 2024, it will be the first time the actor has played Wolverine in seven years, with Jackman’s most recent time as the Marvel mutant being in 2017’s Logan. That movie was originally meant to be Jackman’s swan song as Wolverine. However, Ryan Reynolds successfully convinced his friend to return one more time as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Since Jackman’s return announcement last September, both actors have been hard at work getting back into superhero shape for Deadpool 3.

On Twitter, Jackman shared a new training video of himself running just like his Marvel character, aptly captioned with “#becomingwolverineagain,” which the actor has used several times in the past for his Deadpool 3 Wolverine workout updates.

Jackman has been sharing updates from his Wolverine training for Deadpool 3 on social media ever since he and Reynolds announced the actor had joined the Deadpool 3 cast. With Jackman’s highly demanding workout routines documented on social media, they beg the question of how big the stressful training for Deadpool 3 will impact Jackman’s possible future as Wolverine beyond the movie.

At 54, Jackman’s return as Wolverine for Deadpool 3 shows how much the character means to the actor. Jackman first played the Marvel mutant in 2000’s X-Men, going on to appear in different timelines of X-Men movies, a solo trilogy, and now an adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Deadpool 3. When Jackman returns next year as Wolverine, the actor will have been playing the character for 24 years, a huge mark, which means that Deadpool 3 being the end of the line for Jackman as Wolverine, especially since Logan almost was seven years prior, is expected.

The actor’s grueling physical training to get back into the shape he is known for as Wolverine has been displayed on social media thoroughly, with Jackman regularly sharing updates of his Deadpool 3 workouts and diet with fans. Jackman’s not getting any younger, and with the MCU set to start releasing projects starring their own versions of the Marvel characters who were once at Fox in the coming years, Jackman could use Deadpool 3 as his last adventure as the character, choosing not to go through the demanding workouts again.

Before joining Deadpool 3, Jackman had spoken about how he had a desire to appear in the MCU alongside the Avengers. With Logan seemingly ending his time as the character, that dream appeared to have been left behind. Now, with Jackman having a role in the MCU-set Deadpool 3, the actor could appear in any of the two multiverse-focused Avengers movies coming in the horizon — The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. While Jackman could possibly fulfill his Avengers dream in the near future, it remains to be seen how the grueling training for Deadpool 3 affects the chances of more of Jackman’s Wolverine in the MCU beyond Deadpool 3.

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