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“If There’s A Way”: Chad Stahelski Explains His Condition For Directing John Wick 5

Chad Stahelski reveals his willingness to return as director of John Wick 5, but the story has to be strong. John Wick Chapter 4 seemed to have a definitive ending for the titular anti-hero, but there has been speculation from fans, especially with John Wick 5 originally greenlit back in 2020. Motion Picture Group chairman Joe Drake sparked new hope with fans when he confirmed John Wick 5 is in development during Lionsgate’s Q4 2023 earnings call.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant for the John Wick Chapter 4 digital and home entertainment release, Stahelski discussed the possibility of returning to the John Wick universe as a director. He explained that he is open to directing John Wick 5 or a number of spin-offs. However, he made it clear that the story has to be right for him to return for John Wick 5 after how John Wick Chapter 4 ended. Check out Stahelski’s full quote below:

While Stahelski seems satisfied with the ending that John Wick Chapter 4 gave to the character, his willingness to return for John Wick 5 is exciting. Stahelski is committed to telling good stories in the John Wick universe, which means if there is a John Wick 5, it will be inspired by a strong story, not a desperate need to continue the franchise. Drake renewing hope with confirmation of early development on John Wick 5 makes this even more exciting because it could mean that Stahelski is trying to crack the next installment.


The story for John Wick 5 remains a mystery, especially with John Wick Chapter 4 ending with John Wick’s death. It could take a page out of Ballerina’s book and explore a time between John Wick Chapter 4 and John Wick Chapter 3. It could also go even further back, exploring the early days of John Wick, when he earned the moniker Baba Yaga or when he fell in love. It’s possible that John Wick faked his death to finally escape the grip of the High Table and gets pulled back in when one of his friends is in danger.

The key will be to crack the code of what John Wick story still needs to be told. John Wick Chapter 4 gave the character an honorable end, saving his friends and finally finding peace. Stahelski’s love for these characters, this world, and the ending of John Wick Chapter 4 means that bringing John Wick back for John Wick 5 will have to be a story that undeniably needs to be told.

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