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How Avatar Sequels Will Affect Disney Parks’ Pandora Teased By Producer: “There Will Be Some Updates”

With a new theme park expansion of the franchise already in the works, Jon Landau teases how the upcoming Avatar sequels will affect Disney Parks’ Pandora. James Cameron is currently deep in post-production on the highly-anticipated Avatar 3, having shot the majority of the threequel back-to-back with 2022’s The Way of Water. After that, the sci-fi filmmaker has two further sequels planned in the franchise, while also teasing that it could expand to television, albeit has acknowledged the desire to direct a different movie between the various sequels.

Screen Rant recently took a visit to Lightstorm Entertainment and interviewed Jon Landau to discuss the Avatar franchise. When asked how the Walt Disney World Pandora attraction will factor into the movies’ plans, the producer confirmed that there will likely be “updates” to the parks in order to adjust to the stories of the sequels, though admits to not knowing the full details as of yet. See what Landau explained below:

With Disney now footing the bill for the franchise following the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Cameron and Lightstorm have a seemingly endless pool of resources in building out the Avatar property. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe before it, Cameron’s sci-fi franchise established its footing with future sequels before properly expanding into multimedia territory, with the few exceptions being a variety of comic books released throughout the years and Ubisoft’s 2009 prequel video game, which was only a modest success.


Once Cameron began production on the first sequel, The Way of Water, the Avatar franchise properly began branching out with the likes of the Walt Disney World Pandora theme park and the in-development Disneyland attraction. This year also saw Ubisoft reunite with Lightstorm for the open-world action game Frontiers of Pandora which, though described as a standalone story, is expected to introduce “some elements that will pay off” in Avatar 3. Additionally, though expressing some skepticism about technology’s abilities for the small screen, Cameron has remained open to the possibility of a TV show set within his universe.

Should said TV show get off the ground and Cameron and Landau look to utilize the Disney theme parks to introduce new elements for their universe, the Avatar franchise could become the biggest multimedia property to date. With the MCU having the similar Avengers Campus and Star Wars has Galaxy’s Edge, Cameron could raise the bar for both amusement park regions to introduce elements for their respective franchises before bringing them over to the screen, making the experiences all the more immersive.

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