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New Jay & Silent Bob Universe Movie Confirmed By Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith confirms he’s working on a new Jay and Silent Bob universe movie. Stoner side characters in Smith’s classic 1994 indie movie Clerks, Jason Mewes’ Jay and Smith’s Silent Bob later became recurring figures in Smith’s View Askewniverse. The duo got their first chance as the central focus of a movie in 2001’s Hollywood-skewering Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, later being brought back to again satirize the movie business in 2019’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Now four years after the characters’ last starring movie, Smith reveals that he’s bringing back the iconic stoners once again, confirming to PopCulture.com that he’s currently writing Jay and Silent Bob 3. Check out his remarks below:


Jay and Silent Bob arguably work best as side characters who pop up for a few scenes per movie, as in last year’s Clerks III, where their presence added some fun comedy to the mix. Though their two starring movies do have their moments, they’re uneven films that ultimately demonstrate how thin Mewes and Smith’s stoner routine really is. The thinness of that routine is probably why Smith stuffed those movies with so many supporting characters, celebrity cameos and Hollywood-skewering jokes.

For Jay and Silent Bob 3, Smith might choose to drop the Hollywood satire angle entirely, and deploy his favorite comedic duo in a new way, while still surrounding them with enough supporting characters, cameos and other fun business to fill out the movie. After the relatively somber third Clerks movie, which featured actual contemplation of mortality through major character deaths, Smith could even make a semi-sincere film that gives Jay and Silent Bob some kind of legitimate wrap-up. On the other hand, the characters might not be meaty enough to support a semi-dramatic movie, leaving Smith to write them one more wacky adventure, that sees the pair again going to battle against Hollywood and its terrible ideas.

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