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Glen Powell “Almost Died” For Nude Scene During Anyone But You Filming

Anyone but You star Glen Powell shares BTS details from filming a nude scene in the upcoming movie. Powell and Sydney Sweeney lead the Anyone but You cast, with the film promising an enemies-to-lovers take on a romantic comedy. Though the movie releases on December 22, Anyone but You’s plot details have been kept under wraps until recently, with audiences only just learning what leads Powell and Sweeney’s characters to fake their romance.

Some of those details were revealed in the full-length trailer for the movie, which also features a nude scene for Powell’s Ben. Speaking with Variety at Anyone but You’s premiere, the actor shared some information about filming the scene:

The scene Powell describes is one of the biggest and funniest in Anyone but You’s full-length trailer. It finds Powell and Sweeney’s characters trying to look affectionate on a cliffside, only for Sweeney’s Bea to discover a spider in Ben’s pants. That leads to the moment where Ben frantically strips down and throws his clothes off the cliff.


It’s perhaps the scene in the trailer that feels the most like a classic rom com, especially as Ben and Bea are left trying to explain why Ben is suddenly pants-less, leading to what looks like another funny moment. Those kinds of scenes are a rom com staple, with The Proposal, for example, also featuring an accidental nude scene that’s played for comedic effect and has become one of the movie’s most well-known.

Whether Anyone but You winds up earning a place among beloved rom coms remains to be seen, but Sweeney and Powell’s chemistry looks promising so far. It also helps that Powell has a successful history with rom coms, starring in 2018’s Set It Up, which earned positive reviews. With any luck, all of the elements will come together to create the sort of fun, romantic story audiences are hungry for these days.

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