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Horror Movie Director Explains Why He’s Remaking His Own Film

Malum director Anthony DiBlasi explains why the 2023 horror film is a remake of one of his previous films. Malum follows a young police officer named Jessica (Jessica Sula) who is assigned to the final shift of a decommissioned police station, only to be tormented overnight by a supernatural entity. This is the same premise of DiBlasi’s 2015 video-on-demand film Last Shift, which starred Juliana Harkavy as Jessica.

Screen Rant recently sat down with DiBlasi (who also produced the Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train) to discuss Malum ahead of its release on March 31. When asked why he and screenwriter Scott Poiley decided to remake Last Shift instead of creating a sequel when presented with the opportunity, he revealed that they wanted to update their original work with a bigger budget. Even though they are proud of their original project, DiBlasi “was confident about it playing with an audience in the theater” and wanted to finally give their film that opportunity. Read his full quote below:


Malum’s remake status is rare in quite a few ways. This includes the fact that the original film only came out less than a decade ago, as most remakes come out a decade or more after the original. However, the truly unusual aspect is that DiBlasi is reimagining his own work.

This isn’t a phenomenon that’s entirely unknown in the horror world. However, it is most common when a foreign film is being remade for an American audience. For instance, Takashi Shimizu remade his 2002 film Ju-On as The Grudge in 2004 and Michael Haneke remade his 1997 outing Funny Games a full decade later with the same title and Naomi Watts in the lead role in 2007.

The closest historical precedent for Malum is likely Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. Both his 1934 and 1956 versions of the film were in English, which provides a slight different. However, one was made for a British audience and the other for an American audience, so the remake still falls somewhat more on the side of The Grudge and Funny Games, leaving Malum to stand as a much more interesting curio.

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