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Stranger Things Fan Art Recreates Barbie & Ken’s Viral Mugshots With Mike & Eleven

A new Stranger Things fan art sees Finn Wolfhard’s Mike Wheeler and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven replicate Barbie and Ken’s now-iconic viral trailer arrest. The stars have portrayed the young duo since season 1 first aired in July 2016, where Wolhard’s 80s Hawkins Middle School student first met Brown’s telepathic youth when searching for his missing friend. After growing closer across three seasons, season 4 saw the two endure challenges in their journey when a threat from Eleven’s past puts their loved ones in Hawkins at risk.

As Barbie’s newest trailer has inspired a new viral trend where fictional favorite couples and duos recreate Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken’s (Ryan Gosling’s) distinct mug shot photos, luh_strangerthings shared their own Stranger Things-inspired take on the scene on Instagram.

Inspired by Eleven’s arrest following her bloody face-off with bully Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin) in season 4’s “Vecna’s Curse,” Eleven takes on the role of Barbie, shocked by the incident, while Mike replicates Ken’s less-serious pose. Alongside capturing both characters’ outfits in the scene, the artist made sure to make the characters’ letterboards match the location of Lenora Hills from the series.

While Eleven and Mike’s bond was tested, their targeting by the US military and El’s reunion with Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) to train for her fight with Vecna saw the pair trust one another. Furthermore, Mike’s unwavering support of Eleven during her psychic projection showdown with Vecna and declaration of love helped her find the strength to defeat the creature from her past. With the Upside Down breaking into Hawkins in Stranger Things’ upcoming final season, the couple will need to show a united front if they are to defeat Vecna.

Barbie’s viral mugshot trend has allowed people across the internet to capture their favorite fandom duos in a fun new scenario that showcases their dynamics. As such, the art piece not only displays the hit Netflix show but also features several faithful nods to the most recently released season. While viewers may have an extended wait for Stranger Things season 5, the new fan art is a fun twist on one of season 4’s most memorable moments.

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